Welcome to San Francisco!

The Wingtip Club is a place for people to be gentlemanly. From shoes, suits, and cigars, to beer, bumper pool, and blazers, life can be about appreciating the best of the best, the rarest of the rare, the newest of the new, the oldest of the old. But the Wingtoip Club won’t take these things as anything more than they are – things. Feeling comfortable in one’s clothes, in one’s skin, and in one’s environment is what really matters. 

The Club has not been in existence since 1908, but we can’t help but be inspired by the provenance of the space. All 22,000 square feet of the store and the Club are intended to inspire and instill a sense of timelessness. From our main bar to the roof deck, the Club is a place to be apart from the city and absorbed by it all at once.


The Wingtip Club is creating a refuge, a place where you can feel comfortable, appreciated, and surrounded by the best the world has to offer. But the Wingtip Club isn’t taking this stuff too seriously. It isn’t about to mire the experience in pretense. It is keeping it light. It is keeping it fun. It acknowledges tradition, but the club won’t be trapped by it.

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